About the project

Awareness is an evangelization project organized by the youth of the Third Theatre and the community named Lab of Faith (more in "About Us"). Since 2014 we have been traveling in our holydays around Poland to preach the word of God. The main tools for us are our experience of meeting with God and theater. That’s why every year we begin with 5 days long retreat, combined with theatrical workshops, so we can be well prepared for our mission. So far we have visited cities like: Warsaw, Cracov, Gdansk, Lodz, Torun, Czestochowa, Poznan, Bydgoszcz, Olsztyn, Radom i Plock. Look for the characteristic blue T-shirt - that’s us !

 "What means evangelise? It means witness with joy and simplicity about who we are and what we believe in." 
(Pope Francis on Twitter)

The target is one: proclaim Jesus Christ to people of the twenty-first century. Nowadays society live in a hurry with lack of time for everything, traffic jams, crowded buses, constantly unload phone and alarm clock which didn’t wake us again... We want to enter into this reality, stop for a moment, move, pay attention to Something More, wake AWARENESS.

You can ask: "What for you want to do it ? There are many that kinds of events. Do we need another? " Pope Francis calls us, young to come up with word of God on the streets, make some row. And this is what we do the best we can. By action, word, attendance. Talk about God without pathos, authentically. We want to show that true joy  isn’t  only a privilege but an obligation of Catholic. 

The team of Awareness is more than twenty people full of energy and enthusiasm to preach the Gospel. The most of them are students, but there’s also priests and seminarians. Everyone is different, but we all have willingness to work and creative ideas. However, abowe all is watching someone who is responsible and spontaneous at the same time. Someone without whom it wouldn’t be possible. Someone who use us, clumsy tools, to do big things - Holy Spirit with discrete but important help from the Mother of God.

In 2016 we will visit Cracov again to attend on World Youth Day. We will be also present on local celebrations in our city - Plock.